We can no longer afford to remain silent when it comes to child abuse.

Since the beginning of time, humans have had important conversations around campfires. It was here that tribes discussed matters that kept them alive and helped them to prosper. Times have changed, but our need for important conversations has not. The television and computer have become our new campfires. However, our conversations have been limited to only things we see on the news. We are silent about our worst enemy, Abuse. Conversations must not be limited to classrooms and courtrooms. If we want a better future for our children, we must  bring the conversation into our living rooms.

C.A.M.P. is an educational program designed to  bring abuse awareness and prevention and inform individuals, families, and communities on the effects of abuse.  

Kevin McNeil

Victim Advocate / Instructor

While working as a former Special Victim’s Detective, Kevin McNeil noticed a disturbing trend. It seemed that for every case he closed, there were three more to investigate. This discovery helped Kevin realize that placing people in jail and responding to abuse was not enough.

Kevin’s own personal battle with abuse encouraged him to find a way to make others aware of the destructive effects of abuse on our world. As a survivor of abuse, he struggled with constant thoughts of suicide, alcohol addiction, and depression. He worked long hours as a police officer, but it was at home that he faced his greatest enemy-himself. The consequences of the abuse he had faced lingered, therefore he sought out therapy to aid in his healing process. It was in therapy that Kevin immersed himself in literature about abuse. He learned about the effects abuse had on the brain and a person’s behavior and found a correlation between abuse and violence in our culture.
Kevin McNeil Child Abuse program

He found that reading about abuse and educating himself on the effects played an immeasurable role in his healing process. The suicidal thoughts stopped, his urge to drink decreased, and his depression faded. His work productivity increased, he won numerous awards, and quickly excelled to the top of his field. He took pride in his discoveries and began sharing his story and findings with other victims.

When Kevin shared his findings with victims and their parents, parents began taking their children to counseling, and sought out other educational resources on abuse. Some parents expressed to him that they did not know how to seek out information on abuse that they desired and that they wanted someone who would make the information simple and readily available.

Kevin created The Twelve Project to be the bridge between the lack of knowledge and awareness about abuse and people’s desire to learn. He provides resources with the aim of healing and teaching individuals, families, and communities. The Twelve Project is a safe place where people can learn about abuse 24/7. Inspired by the positive results people experienced from reading his teaching materials, he took his plan a step further; he retired as a detective and began speaking and educating full time.

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Welcome to C.A.M.P.

Why C.A.M.P

Growing a better tomorrow for everyone.

  • Learn how abuse affects a survivor's ability to be in a relationship and make good decisions.

  • Learn how to be resilient and create boundaries.

  • Learn from a male rape survivor, former Special Victims Detective, Victim Advocate, and educator on the effects of abuse and how to heal from it.


What Viewers Say About The Courses

Talia C.

I had problems with stress at work and with my family because of something that happened in my childhood that I didn't know how to deal with. I couldn't stay in relationships, I had frequent pains in my stomach, I slept badly and I was depressed. After viewing Kevin's videos, I learned how to set boundaries, pinpoint stressors, and realized that counseling is healthy. I am very satisfied with the results; I feel a lot better, I sleep better and I am not tense anymore. I have acquired a more positive outlook and attitude towards life, and I would recommend C.A.M.P. to everyone.

Danielle B.

For the last couple of months I have been following the advice given by Kevin in his videos, not realizing how much I benefited from them. For years I had suppressed my feelings of fear and shame from being molested. I am learning healthy coping skills. I find myself looking forward to seeing what each new video will teach me.

Amy J.

Kevin has been helping me work through different traumatic aspects in my life. The education I received by watching the videos has helped me to develop a safe and calm mental/physical space that has left me with a new sense of balance. Each video is different and brings up different emotions. Kevin has certainly helped me over the last few months. I would recommend C.A.M.P. to anyone who hasn’t found a solution for dealing with their traumatic past. It is so worth it!

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